About Us

ICON Ltd. is a telecommunications company founded in 1999, creates and develops its brand WIP since 2009. The brand is focused in the areas of M2M solutions, telemetry systems for control and optimization of the fleet, web design and IT security audit.

We strive to maintain daily contact with our customers to understand their problems and to offer the right solutions.

ICON Ltd. invested funds increase the capacity of human resources to offer quality products and high level of service to customers.

We offer wireless solutions using technology M2M (Machine-to-Mobile and Mobile-to-Machine), which are suitable for a wide range of sectors and has great business potential.

By providing these solutions, ICON uses devices to capture an "event", which is transmitted over the network through appropriate user interface makes it useful information.

The main products we provide you with brand WIP target sectors:

Using the services of WIP customers reduce costs and increase their competitiveness.